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Send an Online Message to Congress in support of the Professionals' Statement Calling for an End to Water Fluoridation and a new Congressional Hearing. To send your letter,click here.

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As your constituent, I support the over 3,000 medical, dental, scientific, and environmental professionals calling for an end to fluoridation and a new Congressional Hearing on Fluoridation. See link to "Professionals' Statement" at the

The professionals cite the landmark 2006 National Research Council (NRC) report on fluoride in water that identified many adverse health effects associated with exposure to fluoride. Based on the concentration levels reported to be harmful, there is clearly no adequate margin of safety to protect against these adverse effects for the 170 million Americans drinking fluoridated water.  Especially at risk are infants and small children, the elderly or frail, and those with above average water consumption, inadequate nutrition, diabetes, and poor thyroid or kidney function.

Ignoring all risks in the NRC report, the US CDC still spends millions of tax dollars aggressively promoting fluoridation and, after more than one year, the US EPA has failed to do the fluoride Risk Assessment called for in the NRC report.  We need a new Congressional Hearing requiring CDC and EPA officials to provide, under oath, valid evidence that fluoridation is safe for ALL Americans.

I believe that fluoridation is outdated, unscientific, violates medical ethics and denies freedom of choice. Its serious risks far outweigh its minor (if any) benefits.  Fluoridation should be halted pending a new Congressional hearing and any legislation that may result from it.

I look forward to learning if you will sponsor and/or support this urgently needed Congressional Hearing on Fluoridation.

Your Constituant,
John Doe
123 Main Street
Staten Island, NY 10314

Find out who your elected officials are here:

Ask Wal-Mart to Stop Selling Fluoridated "Nursery Water" for Infants

On November 9, 2006, the nation's leading fluoride advocate, the American Dental Association (ADA), issued an alert advising parents to avoid fluoridated water when reconstituting infant formula. According to the ADA, babies consuming fluoridated water are at high risk for developing dental fluorosis (a tooth defect that can result in staining and sometimes corrosion of enamel). The advice, however, has gone largely unheeded.  Nursery Water, the nation's leading fluoridated water for babies still markets its product nationwide at Wal-Mart and other major retailers. Help us stop this unsafe practice by signing this online letter to Wal-Mart.

Write a letter to your local newspaper

Writing a letter to your local newspaper is an invaluable way of informing your community of the health and ethical concerns surrounding water fluoridation. Let the readers of your favorite paper know that there is no need to swallow fluoride; that fluoride is the only chemical added to water that does not treat the water itself; that 98% of western Europe has rejected water fluoridation; that the fluoride chemical used for fluoridation is an unprocessed industrial waste product; that most people are already receiving too much fluoride from their toothpaste and diets; that recent research has linked fluoride to serious health problems including arthritis, hip fracture, alzheimers disease, and cancer; and that readers can learn about the issue for themselves at

Ask your local bookstore/library to carry "The Fluoride Deception"

In May of 2004, the much-anticipated book The Fluoride Deception by Chris Bryson was released. The book, published by Seven Stories Press, is an eye-opening, page-turning, and meticulously researched expose of the history and politics of fluoride. A must read for anyone interested in fluoride issues. Order a copy for yourself and request your nearby bookstore/library to order copies as well. (NOTE: Due to shortage of funds, some libraries may not be able to purchase the book. If this is the case in your area, please consider donating a copy to the library. It would certainly be a wonderful contribution to your community.)

Tell your friends and family

There should be no underestimating the power of word-of-mouth communication. Tell your friends and family about what you have learned concerning fluoride. Let them know that the benefits have been greatly exaggerated and the risks ignored; that the vast majority of western Europe has rejected water fluoridation and yet has experienced the same decline in tooth decay as the US; that the scientists and professionals at EPA's Headquarters Union in Washington DC have recently called for a "national moratorium" on fluoridation; and that more than 70 US communities have rejected fluoridation since 1999.

Ask your local grocery stores to provide a non-fluoride toothpaste alternative

Many grocery stores and pharmacies these days only carry fluoridated toothpastes. This in turn deprives many consumers of the choice to not use fluoride.

Ask your local grocery stores and pharmacies to provide a non-fluoride alternative. If the store at first ignores your request, start a customer petition. The more customers a store hears from the greater likelihood they will change their policy.

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